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Starting your career as a Nurse Practitioner can be both exciting and overwhelming. There are many new challenges and responsibilities to navigate, from building relationships with patients and colleagues to managing complex health conditions and developing treatment plans. However, with the right support and resources, you can overcome any obstacles.

That's where this e-book comes in! I  have compiled a range of tips and advice to help you succeed as a new grad NP. From building your resume and finding a mentor to managing imposter syndrome and prioritizing self-care, this e-book covers a range of topics to support your professional and personal growth.

I created this resource as a way to help guide the transition from Nurse to Nurse Practitioner and tackle some of the common questions and issues new NPs have. Many of the tips and resources I have learned from my experience running the NPLifeProblems IG page discussions where we cover many new NP topics and questions. This guide has combined all that I have learned from my page, research on new NP topics, and my personal experience when I was a new NP.  


(70 pages full of valuable information)


Exam Reviews/ Study Tips

Step by step instructions for getting credentialed with links to DEA registration pages, NPI application page, and other resources

Resume Tips (Includes free editable NP resume template and cover letter)

Interview Prep 

Job Offer Checklist

Job Offer Red Flags

Negotiating tips

Finding a mentor

NP Fellowships

Useful NP resources 

Tracking CE hours

Tackling Impostor Syndrome

Self Care

Malpractice Insurance

*Humor* :)

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