5 tips for Healthcare Coworker Baby Shower Planning- Nurse, Doctor, NP, PA

5 tips for Healthcare Coworker Baby Shower Planning- Nurse, Doctor, NP, PA

So often our coworkers become our friends and its important to be supportive in the big moments of their lives, one of those moments being motherhood. 

I recently threw a baby shower for a coworker of mine for the first time and wanted to share some tips that I learned in the process. In a poll on NP life problems resulted with 82% of the 300 votes saying they have baby showers at work for their coworkers.

Here are some of my tips:

  • Keep the mother in loop and make sure they are comfortable with the idea of a work baby shower. 
  • Ask the mother to be if they would like to share the registry or instead you can collect money for a gift from the staff to chip in for food and decorations. My favorite option for a gift is ordering this cute onesie 
  • Create an invite for the shower and share with the staff that works with the mother. Linking the one I used here. Doctor/Nurse Baby shower invite

  • Set up a simple baby shower game that is work appropriate, baby trivia, well wishes for momma, or fun guessing games can all work great. This can be a great way for people to get involved even if they can only stop by for a short time. Link for the games shown below that I used: Healthcare Baby Shower Games 
  • Order food/treats and decorations. No need to go all out but it can be fun to have some decorations like a banner and some balloons. For the shower I did, I ordered cupcakes and placed them in individual boxes so people could take them to go. It worked out great!



Remember to personalize the baby shower to reflect the preferences and interests of the expecting nurse or doctor. It's also important to prioritize the comfort and enjoyment of the parents-to-be and their guests throughout the event.


Share any other tips you have below!




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